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About Fitnesstrenz

Fitnesstrenz is a Pvt Ltd company serving fitness industry since 2008.

Who owns Fitnesstrenz?

Sushant Sehgal, an Indian physiotherapist and ACE certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

What motivated to start Fitnesstrenz?

Fitnesstrenz started as a health blog in 2018, with articles regarding weight loss and general fitness. 

During our research we came to know that people give importance to expensive brands rather than their fitness, they are not bothered about their performance in gym or at the field, but  more concerned about the brand they are wearing. This made us sad and at the same time gave us a motive to bring an affordable yet quality brand for all, so that people can focus more on their physical fitness rather than physical products. 


Why does the company exist?

Company exists because of our zeal to bring fitness for all and to implement some fashion elements into fitness gear to make it more affordable and fun for our customers. 

We believe in bringing fashion into fitness makes fitness fun. Our designs are unique and different from those coming in market. All are copyright so not available elsewhere. Our products are easily affordable than others.

How do we contribute to the world?

Fitnesstrenz don't ask for any donations o anything else, but donates a portion of its own income for the education and fitness certifications of the needy ones per month. 

How Fitnesstrenz operate?

Our owner Sushant, has some contacts with his suppliers and warehouses in US and Singapore to take care of the product quality and shipping. We bear all shipping charges to make the product available to our customers at the minimum cost possible. 

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