What are budget gyms? 

Basic services which a regular gym offers are good workout equipments, hydration, trainer facility and a workout ambience. 

Budget Gyms Require More Fitness Knowledge. They have bare essentials of what’s needed to work out at a gym. All of the machines and weights, whether it be for cardio or strength training, are all available for use along with other bells and whistles like an assault bike, medicine balls, squat jump boxes or jump ropes.

what are luxury gyms? 

These are those gyms which has the maximum facilities for their members - 
- starting from high end equipments, 
-good quality weights, 
-good hygiene, 
-clean environment , 
-various group classes like zumba, body pump , cycling etc
- In some gyms, they have a small cafe or chilling point or spa or salon for their members to scocialize.
-Luxury gyms do charge more for providing these extra services.Fitness 1  


How they are different? 

Budget gyms are more accessible on a college budget or for someone just getting their feet on the ground in their career, most budget gyms don’t have the option of taking classes. Aside from the additional cost of a personal trainer, classes are what actually teach you how to work out.
Regular gyms are mostly small and congested contrary to luxury gyms which are spacious and more hygenic. 
There are many luxury gyms in the India like amatrra, sumaya, golds, nitrro, fitness first, cult or Celebrity fitness,  crossabs, Ozone etc.. all these are the big brands and provide all the above mentioned facilities to their members. 

The changing trend of gym culture

All over the world, the fitness scene and the culture of exercise is shape-shifting, driven by technology and demographic changes. The gap between low and high price point offerings is dramatically widening in the fitness industry, particularly for gyms and health centres.

Tech-enabled high-end fitness offerings (usually backed by strong social media credentials and cult following) and budget fitness chains (benefiting from economies of scale) expand. Squeezed between these two magnetic poles, the middle-market gyms are struggling.
In parallel, new fitness trends – from virtual workout to fitness apps and wearables, connected home solutions and more – are disrupting traditional fitness models.

Fitness has become a luxury lifestyle statement.

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