What people think?

Many of us think that if their physique is good they can become a personal trainer.. 

 But, they don't understand the basics of exercises and nutrtion. 

What it should be?

An ideal personal trainer, should be able to

A. Guide his or her members regarding exercise postures, breathing pattern,  purpose of exercise and speed of the movement. 

B  Should be able to know the psyche of his or her member and design a workout that suits their body best.  He must know that every body is different and reacts in a different way to a given stimulus of exercise and diet. So, he should know about the basic 3 types of bodies and be able to design their workout and nutrition respectively. 

C. He should have thorough knowledge of differnt workout patterns from beginner to advanced. Should be able to design different formats of workouts. 

D. Should have a basic knowledge atleast of some workout limitations like cervical, low back pain, cardiac or blood pressure conditions. 

Above 4 are a must must requirements for an ideal personal trainer in India or abroad. 

Apart from these, he should also focus on his ongoing education in fitness industry as every second its evolving and new theories are coming.

Now, keeping all these points in mind, there are some basic as well as advanced fitness courses  where all these things are taught by the experts and mentors of fitness industry. 

Does study matter?

He can start with a basic personal training certification from a gym like Gold gym or Fitness First or Celebrity fitness to an advance level of ACE( American councell on Exercises) or ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)  or NESTA ( National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) or CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists) and many more.

It doesn't matter if he takes commerce or arts or science after 10th. The thing which matters is his knowledge, experience and the certifications which he go through before starting to work as a Personal trainer.


His experience also matters alot apart from education.  Working in a gym as a general trainer is good way to start your carreer as a personal trainer. When you are on the floor as general trainer, you should be open to learn new things from either members or from your seniors. 

You could also learn, new techniques from them and also working in a gym gives you an opportunity to apply those techniques on different members to get quality experience.  

If you are in a gym as a trainer and at the same time doing study in fitness,  the gym provides you a free workplace to apply all those things which you have learnt in your class by practically applying them on yourself or on fellow members.


-  No matter, what was your stream after 10th, Only thing that matter is your passion to study about fitness,  human body, and its behaviour to different stimuli of exercises along with its practical application and experience in dealing with different body types by working in a gym.

Fitness industry is growing daily, and every minute new update is coming, a perfect personal trainer should be well acquainted with all these updates and should keep himself or herself open to learn from everyone. 

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