Vijendra Nath, a former SFL( Super Fight League) player of India was spotted currently working as a renowned Personal trainer in Crossabs fitness, panipat, haryana, India. 

Really a gentle guy with a massive arm size, humble and down to earth.  

Basically from Bhopal, MP and working 1000kms away from his home in haryana. 

We really had some nice talk regarding his interview with Fitnesstrenz,  also some nice feedback from his trainees. 

These are the main points of our conversation

 1.Name-Vijendra Nath

 2. Age-28 yrs on oct 2020

3. He is certified from IFSI, NSDC and FSSA and these days pursuing ACE -CPT.

4. He is in fitness industry since 12th Jan 2011, wow, he remember the exact date also.. that's greatt.

5. His Experience in life after coming to fitness industry- He feels Fitness is very necessary in our life as we need it to do even our daily activities, he believes that if we are fit, then no ailment or covid like pandamic can affect us.. and its true, if you see the stats of people affected by Covid all over the world , you hardly see any fitness trainer or an enthusiast seriously affected by it. 

6. His fitness mantra-  He prefer strength training ie Weight training more than cardio, not completely denying  cardio but use it for heart conditioning and stamina. (Be Stronger than your Strongest excuse)

7.  His Future plans is to open India’s largest gym so, any sponser reading my post can get in touch , he will be ready with some proposal. 

8. You can contact him on Insta id-vj_athlete

9 . Fb id-Vijendra nath

10. Online personal training charges- 7000 INR OR 95 USD for 14 sessions.

11. Online diet councelling charges-2000 INR or  25 USD for diet session.

13. Current gym-CrossAbs Fitness Panipat

14. Pt charges-10000 INR for a month's training. 

So, this is breif interview of Mr. Vijendra, really impressive one. So if you want to get in touch with him regarding your trainings , you can simply click here. Im sure he will be able to make to reach your fitness goals.