Kalpana ruhail, one of the finest and strongest female personal trainer of Delhi, India. 

She is the the one who dediately deals with her trainees and make sure that they achieve thier results on time. An expert with weight loss and body transformations. These are the main points of her brief interview with Fitnesstrenz- 

1. Name - kalpana Ruhail

2. Age - 33 years on Oct 2020

3. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer having a professional experience since 2015. 

4. Her Experience in life after coming to fitness industry was really good , the first thing she did was to transform herself and then started helping others to transform their body. 

5. Her fitness mantra - stay fit forever

6. Her Future plan is to give the people quality and acquire a name in Indian fitness industry. 

 7. You can contact her on her Insta id - mannu kalpana

8. For connecting with her on Fb - click here


If you are looking for a good female personal trainer, online or offline will recommend you to try her.. she is really good in her trainings and all her trainings are result oriented and focussed.