GUERRIER , is an upcoming gym in model town area of Panipat, haryana, India.
Recently , went there for workout. Really a nice gym. Even the owner is also well educated and a Certified Fitness trainer who knows how to deal with members and what are their body needs. So let me share my experience with the gym as a member and as an interviewer. 

Sumit, the owner of GUERRIER GYM,is one of the youngest gym owner have met in my life. He is just 24 years old. Thats impressive, because he is much mature and hardworking according to other guys of the same age group. 

Let's discuss about his life cum fitness journey now, 

Sumit belongs to an average middle class family of haryana , having 2 sisters and a supporting mom dad. He has seen alot of ups and down in his life which made him strong from within and gave  never quit attitude. 

Sumit started his workout when he was in 7th class, and started his first job as a salesman in company . 

But as he is more interested in fitness , so he quit his job and started to work as a Helper in Gold gym , panipat. Then with his hard work and a zeal to grow, he did his personal training certification from gold gym university and got promoted as a bronze trainer, and with his performance he got promoted as silver and then to gold and then eventually to the platinum trainer. 

Team Guerrier- 

After reaching that level, he thought to resign and to start his own freelancing and to open up his own franchise . Guerrier is gym which has his own merchandise.  They are slowly trying to expand now to more clubs in India.  So that was the story behind the birth of Guerrier fitness club. 

Why he chose this name ? 

Guerrier is a french word, which means 'warrior' in English and 'Yodhha'  in Hindi. 

He believes to be a warrior in real life and motivates others to be positive and fight from their internal fear and in this covid situation. 

By the way, he opened his gym in 2020, when covid was there and all economic growth has stopped.  Really a real warrior can do that. 

So if you are around that area , can definitly try to have a look to this gym. 

Also if you want to connect with owner regarding enquiries you can click here for Facebook.. and if you want to see member responses and testinmonial you can just type the Guerrier gym panipat and Google will show the ratings. 

Gym interior

Location- Guerrier Fitness Club opt Circus Ground , sky lark road , Panipat, haryana,  India.